Farm-reared pork products from a local, family farm

Here at Four Acre Farm, we believe in doing things right…

We are a small family farm in Neston, on the Wirral peninsula and our animals are our life. Things started small, when we couldn’t source high-quality, free range pork locally. Almost on a whim, we started rearing a handful of pigs, just to feed ourselves. Little did we know how things would develop from that simple decision.

We rear pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pigs as well as Highland cows on our family farm and make sure that they have the best life possible. All of our animals live outside on the farm, pretty much 24/7 – although we bring the cows inside during the wet winter months. Likewise, when it’s time for the sows to give birth, we bring them inside, purely as a safety precaution. It allows us to keep a closer eye on them, and provide the new piglets with extra warmth from a cushy heat mat during their first couple of days.

It’s important to us to get them out into the big wide world as soon as possible, because that’s what life should be like for these beautiful animals – rooting, grazing, and generally enjoying themselves. All our animals get fresh air, exercise, and plenty of stimulation in their large outdoor pen, which isn’t to say they don’t get their share of creature comforts. They have their warm and cosy sty to retire to at the end of a long day of… well… being pigs!

Our animals are a part of our extended family. Our pigs are happy and affectionate, only too eager to roll over for a belly rub whenever we get close. Each of our cows has its own name, and each one gets a kiss from our 18-month old every morning.

We can’t say for definite that this doesn’t happen on every small farm in the country, but it’s just part of the daily routine here at Four Acre Farm.

The results are in the meat we produce – rich and red, and full of flavour. That doesn’t happen by accident – it’s the natural culmination of the right animals, the right care, and the right environment.

Why not try it for yourself?

We put together three different types of meat boxes for direct purchase through our online shop. The contents of each box are carefully selected to include a good mix of choice and flavour, while promised great value-for-money for anyone who appreciates great food. They include:

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